Newgen is an application that brings the new Metro UI to your desktop.
It is a set of live widgets that shows some content from the web and some from your PC.
Newgen supports WPF, HTML5, and HTML widgets.



Features (v12 Preview #3)

  • Program update notification tile.
  • Option to disable StartBar Clock.
  • Widget updates notification on Store tile.
  • Internet widget's Webkit engine updated.
  • Added option to add lookup location on Pictures and Video widget.
  • You can now save settings on free version, but no. of legacy widgets are limited to 6.
  • Icon/Preview problems on Windows XP fixed.
  • Other bugs fixed.
  • Internet widget causing memory problems fixed.
  • Bundeling of Newgen is now allowed for free mode. If doing so, inform us please. However, user can upgrade to full at anytime.


  • Ability to launch apps in one click.
  • Ability to launch website in one click.
  • Ability to add your desired widgets, apps, links in one place.
  • Experience the new HTML5 websites without any web browser installed in your system.
  • Replace your traditional desktop with new Metro designed apps.
  • Experience multi-browsers (IE and Webkit) inside single application.
  • Get your facebook friends updates and details without opening browser.
  • And much more with up-coming widgets.
  • Integrated help.
  • Tiles Grouping.
  • Folder pinning.